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late birthday present XD

Amby, dunno if you got my msg or not through...facebook/myspace whatever i used but here is that icon i made for you to use here at LJ XD or wherever else that takes 100 x 100 pixel icons.

I dont really call it done yet though, im not sure if i like the lettering and ORIGINALLY i was gonna make you a small animated one that would say or do something quirky with like 3 or 4 frames...but alas i couldnt think of anything XD
So if you don't like this one give me ideas for a new one!! I'd be more than happy to make one for you. This was just more of a hey surprise look what i made! Its a macaroni picture of you!!!
just PLEASE get rid of that other one i made of you...it makes me cringe when i look back on it *dies*


I'm legal in 09...WATCH OUT

i STILL haven't gone drinking yet...this is the weirdest birthday evar o_o

Either way I hope to go soon and Emi when were those ice skating plans gonna go into effect huh? ;P
Although i'm hoping to get some time off this weekend to hopefully go down to Lyndonville for the weekend to visit Art for a bit and do some drinkin there mayhaps.
Although I have to admit i'm quite excited for 2009...2008 was horrid *grumbles* stupid year of the rat, new beginnings and all that. 2009 is the year of the Ox so that should be slightly more in my favor that the rat was which was pretty much against me from the get-go.
I can't help but get the feeling i'm also going to be very busy in 09' travelling, visiting friends, getting my foot in the door somehow/somewhere with my art and maybe even look into going to college or at the very least taking some classes i'm interested in somewhere here in burlington, like a website design class or something to that effect.

It turns out I will probably be living here with my mom alittle longer than i originally intended again anyhow, Art's degree it getting pushed back due to some stupid ass electives he needs that aren't even related to his degree so he has to spend another year and a half down there and really hes the best bet i got for a roommate and a good place to live.

Although my mom and I are really close and have been talking about redoing the basement in the spring so that we can have a studio space to work on our art projects we've undertaken this past year and also so that we can stop taking over the living room with our paintbrushes, paint and all that junk. So I don't consider it necessarily a bad thing living here with her, espcially now that all she has besides me and Yumi is Cheeky bum and well...hes just Cheeky and likes to cause trouble lately...and who apparently likes dog food. But its just aggravating that I should have a plan of attack as to where i'm going to go next and not finding one XD

Ah well...Anyone have any plans for New Years that I can be apart of??

turkey and brazilians galore!

Yes you read that right--we went over to my brother's for thanksgiving today and he had a bunch of Brazilian friends from the windjammer over as well since they didn't have anywhere else to go. He also did all of the cooking so we FINALLY HAD TURKEY THIS YEAR. Normally for thanksgiving we end up going to my aunt's house who makes cornish game hen every year...and last year they weren't even cooked all the way -_-;; so turkey this year kinda blew my mind :)

Although out of curiosity...would anyone be offended if i didnt really buy christmas presents this year? XD Not to seem stingy or anything! Just with the economy and all that perhaps i can make you guys something instead? or maybe take you guys out for food or something? I'm trying to save up for a car you see too, i'm hoping to get one by next spring so i can go to cons in that rather than take planes...ya dig? I'm up for giving free rides as well when i get it too :)

but yeah...is that ok? :X

foreboding holidays

i must be going slightly more crazy than normal or something but i get the feeling bennett and i are getting more distant than usual. He spends all his time with a friend from work these days which isn't a bad thing, its hard enough just to get him out of the house but i still cant help but feel in competition or something. Not to mention thinking about how our relationship is going backwards is amusing too, we've been going out, lived together, now don't live together anymore and he's looking into the possiblity of moving into a place in burlington with a different friend from his work. Seems like this would be the point where we would be starting to move in with each other or something but i get the impression that if he asked me to go in with him on a place again i would say no out of caution from all the shit that happened last time. awful.

I've also told him that i've been having this foreboding feeling lately that something bad is going to happen since our 3rd year anniversary will be coming up in late march but he waves it off and says im imagining it. I'm sure thats also my paranoia acting up too, but josh and i broke up right around 3 years and well...3 just seems like an awful number and it just so happens to be in ALOT of those sad breakup songs you hear on the radio. But i'm wondering if he doesn't believe me and that i want to prove im right that something bad is going to happen and that i'll ensure that it will or that i've been right all along and everything's just running its course to this bad outlook anyway??

Augh its too late to be thinking this muc--FUCK i just bit my nail too far and now i'm bleeding alittle...awesome ugh. Either way i dont have much to be happy about lately...thats all i have to say.

Senses Fail

Going to see Senses Fail tonight at HG with anthony n' jess...AWESOME!
can't f'in wait :)


Wow, my last post was in july and its already november? hot damn
Well as i'm sure you've noticed i've been keeping myself busy with a ton of little projects, September and October were the busiest months as addie, emi, julie and i had to prepare ourselves for our table at the con that was at the end of october. It was a lot of fun and I plan to do a lot more shows around the new england area if I can next year (the season of cons has pretty much died down for winter atm least here anyway...) I'm pretty sure I got the rest of them addicted to the idea as well ;) we made an awesome team--out table was called NOM LEGION
In the end i only ended up making about $60...not bad not bad, but my cost half of the table was $45 XD....so $15 profit? Eh whatever, money is money and i appreciate all i got :)
I am hoping to save up a ton of money and have enough for a good car by next spring so I can travel by that rather than plane...i still dont like them much and will avoid them when i can -___-;;

Oh yeah its atticus's birthday on the 13th dont forget :P

With my freeze ray...I will stop the world

So...i'm sure most of you know by now but if not my dad passed away last saturday (the 12th) and i'm learning how to cope without him but the process is awful i'm coming to find.
It seems like i should be doing all the healing stuff but i feel like i'm only getting more erratic and angry at little things and crying spells at the tiniest things. Keeping this face up is beyond exhausting but i'm managing. Not to mention watching adult swim late night and seeing a random episode of some anime (code geass??) with a girl who looks similar to me is dressed in black and is crying at a funeral for her dad...No joke i even found it on youtube just to make sure i wasn't going insane...well TOO insane i guess is a better term for it.
But everyone has been very kind and i'm so grateful to have them all by my side and i hope to be back at work later this week and bennett comes home from Idaho tomorrow.
So yeah sorry to have such a depressing post and i was really wondering if LJ was the place for something like this but hey its mine and there are still some people who dont know....sooo yeah i just needed to barf a bunch of my jumbled thoughts onto something so viola~
But if any of you call i should be more likely to pick up and speak as i was unable to and didn't want to last week, so hit me up.

Oh yeah Dr. Horrible is amazing...Kat i can totally see you dressing up as him in this goggles n lab getup haha~
was AWESOME and here's the pictures as proof
i'm sure a lot of them should have an explaination or caption to them but im lazy and wanna confuse people
Unfortunately i was so busy running all over the place i somehow never got a pic of myself in costume and i can't seem to find one on the interwebs...ah well :p (i was asuna from negima)
So i just doodled a pic of me n tree instead~
I can't wait to dress up Bennett as Tamaki too since i bought him the ouran host club jacket and tie :D...and to think he'll cosplay as a host (cause i'm making him heh heh)...and he'll ACTUALLY BE A GUY~!
Glomps +1 in my book ;)
Oh yeah i got hugged by a black ninja...and he smelt really good haha~

Apr. 23rd, 2008


"Screw you guys...I'm going home!"

So for those of you who didn't know already, i'm moving back into my parents house (hopefully this saturday) and getting the hell outta here! I probably shouldn't be as excited as I am but with the shit thats happened here...I just need to be gone.
The cops are as slow as ever, no we still haven't gotten our wii or anything of ours back, and its been ever SO much playing phone tag and leaving messages with the officer in charge of our case for the past...oh what...month now? Come on people...its BURLINGTON, VERMONT!! how much crime can go on in such a stupid small hick town!?!
Our house is dirtier than normal somehow since we're all leaving soon there isn't much of a point to clean well but still...and since everything is such a mess i couldn't find my digital camera in all the normal places i would keep it in and am possibly wondering if she stole that too...in other news I am considering moving to florida to attend full sail with steve. I went over to his house today to look over apartment floor plans, the degrees, campus layout, etc and it looks better and better by the minute even though i'm not sure what degree i would go for :/ I think i'll end up going for the graphic design or web designer and am getting ready to request some information to be mailed to my parents house and it turns out i may be eligible for a good amount of scholarships due to my dad's illness...^^;;; but by golly...i fucking hate vermont....always have and probably always will =____=